a. Pull strap back and hold b. Release strap. To Unload Gun a. Take plug out of coupling.

b. Drive out used case using stick or iwig.

REUSABLE PRIMER A method of making a previously fired primer reusable. MATERIAL REQUIRED: Used cartridge case

2 long nails having approximately the same diameter as the inside of the primer pocket "Strike-anywhere" matches - 2 or 3 are needed for each primer Vise Hammer

Knile or other sharp edged instrument PROCEDURE: ^

1. File one nail to a needle point so that it is small enough to fit through hole in primer pocket.

2. Place cartridge case and nail between jaws of vise. Force out fired primer with nail as shown.


3. Remove anvil from primer cup.


4. File down point of second nail until tip is flat.

5. Remove indentations from face of primer cup with hammer and flattened nail.

6. Cut off tips of the heads of "strike-anywhere" matches using knife. Carefully crush the match tips on dry surface with wooden match stick until the mixture is the consistency of sugar.

Wooden Match Stick

CAUTION: Do not crush more than 3 match tips at one time or the mixture may explode.

7. Pour mixture into primer cup. Compress mixture with wooden match stick until primer cup is fully packed.

Mixture wooden Match Stick


8. Place anvil in primer pocket with legs down.

Cartridge Case


9. Place cup in pocket with mixture facing downward.




10. Place cartridge case and primer cup between vise jaws, and press slowly until primer is seated into bottom of pocket. The primer is now ready to use.

Vise Jaw

Primer Cup

fif^ Section in No. 6

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