the outset, "less than half of the 16 hours sour boiling usually employed will suffice for obtaining the desired degree of purity when followed by alternating boils in fresh water and washes with cold fresh water, again less than half of the amount of boiling being sufficient." With less than 20 hours total time of purification, he obtained results as good as are ordinarily procured by the 52 hours of the standard method.

Figure 64. Boiling Tubs for Purification of Nitrocellulose.

Olsen's quick stabilization process is the result of further thinking along this same line and represents an ingenious application of a simple principle of colloid chemistry. After the nitrocellulose has been thoroughly pulped, and after the easily decomposed cellulose sulfate, etc., have been hydrolyzed, there remains only the necessity for removing the acid which clings to the fiber.

The acid, however, is adsorbed on the nitrocellulose, or bound to it, in such manner that it is not easily washed away by water or even by dilute soda solution; many boilings and washings are necessary to remove it. Olsen has found that the acid is removed rapidly and completely if the nitrocellulose is digested or washed with a solution of some substance which is adsorbed by nitro-

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