Mask Drill. (1) To Sling iht Mask.—I. Sling, 2. MASK. At the command "Sling," grasp with the left hand the metal hook, which is near the flap of the carrier, al>ove the two snap fasteners, at the same time grasj>-ing with the right hand the metal clasp at the extremity of the shoulder sling. Hold the carrier waist high in front of the body with side containing snap fasteners next to the body (Fig. 122-1). At the command "Mask," extend the left arm sideways to full length. At the same time pass the shoulder sling l»ehind the head and over the right shoulder with the right hand (Fig. 122-2); then bring the two hands together across the chest and fasten the hook and clasp together (Fig. 122-3). Adjust the carricr snugly under the left arm pit. Pass the waist strap around the waist and

Fro. 123.—Matjk in alunjz position. (The park ¡9 put on ¡liter t ho rmifk is. slung:. The left front ptrap of pack snapped fo can rid bo boll ov«»r the Ku;? n»u»k.>

fasten together in front (Fig. 123).

(2) To Adjust the Mask. a. Dismounted.— The headpiece adjusted with strap under the chin. 1. By the numbers, 2. GAS. Stop breathing;. Place rifle (if unslung) between knees so that butt is off the ground; with left hand open flap of carrier; place fingers of left hand on chin above the chin strap; with the right hand knock off headpiece from behind (the headpiece being caught on the left arm by the chin strap) and continue the downward movement of the right hand until the latter is on a level with the opening of the carrier. Thrust the right hand into the carrier, grasping facepiece between the thumb and fingers iust above the angle tube. Grasp the flap of the carrier with the left hand (Fig. 124-1).

TWO. Bring facepiece smartly out of carrier to height of chin, holding it firmly in both hands with the fingers of each extended and joined outside of the facepiece, the thumbs inside, midway between the two lower straps of the head harness. Thrust out tlie chin (Fig. 124-2).

THREE. Bring the facepiece toward the face, digging the chin into it. With the same motion guide straps of the harness over the head with the thumbs (Fig. 124-3).

FOlTK. Feel around the edge to make sure the facepiece is well seated (Fig. 124-4). See that head harness is correctly adjusted.

FJ\~E. Cío se outlet valve by pinching between thumb and fingers of right hand to prevent passage of air through it and blow vigorouslv into

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