WHILE the chances are that you'll never be attacked by anyone wielding a knife, the Jiu-Jitsu defense against such a person is so easy that you cannot afford to neglect it. When practicing, use a knife of the proper weight and shape, but have the blade covered by some protective sheath so that there is no possibility of anyone being needlessly injured.

This number requires o lot of proctice before you can know thai you have really mastered ¡1. But when you can apply it as shown in the following pictures you own a real defense against anyone approaching you in this manner with a knife.

where you take a Arm grip. Your right hand joins in this action and you thus hold his knife hond iocurely

This will moke him open his hand—-letting go of the knife which will sail through the air out of reach.

A knife wielder attempts to stab by either a downword lunge or an upward slash of his weapon. This defense is for the latter action.

with yourthumbs exerting pressure on the nerve center on the back of his hand

You still have one more objective and that is to throw him to the ground — you are doing that by

As he comes to you, you must quickly do two things; parry the blow and swing your body to one side out of the way.

and your fingers to the inside of his wrist. You are now in no danger from the knife

Iwisting his hand, wrist and orm farther backward all the time until the leverage on his elbow and wrist produces

Smash, wirh the knife blow of your hand« into your enemy's lower right arm breaking the force of his thrust-

Turn your body so that the finish of his orrested blow will slide harmlessly past you.

Slide your left hand from the spot you hit down to his wrist

but until the assailant is weaponless ond on the ground yau cannot relox your grip.

more pain than he con stand. This will bring him to the ground in a hurry. Resistance would result

With a sudden jerk, using both your hands, bring his arm up ond as you do so exert pressure in on injured wrist or elbow, but when you have o person off balance ond a wrist lock on him he doesn't even think of resisting.

with your thumb* on »ha nerve spot on the bock of his hand between the fir*t and second fingers.

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