Material Required

1/4'* nominal siae steel pipe 4 to 6

inches long with threaded ends. 1/4° Solid pipe plug Two (2) steel pipe couplings Metal strap - roughly 1/8" x

1/4" x 5" Two (2) elastic bands Flat head nail - 6D or 8D (approx

. 1/16" diameter) Two (2) wood screws #6 Wood 8" x 5" x 1" Drill

1/4" wood or metal rod. (approx long) PROCEDURE

1. Carefully inspect pipe and fittings.

a. Make sure that there are NO cracks or other flaws in the pipe or fittings.

b. Check inside diameter of pipe using a 9 mm cartridge as a gauge» The bullet should closely fit into the pipe without for cing but the cartridge case SHOULD NOT fit into pipe.

c. Outside diameter of pipe MUST NOT BE less than 1 1/2 times bullet diameter (. 536 inches; I. 37 cm)

2. Drill a 9/16" (1.43 cm) diameter hole 3/8" (approximately 1 cm) into one coupling to remove the thread.

Drilled section should fit tightly over smooth section of pipe.

3. Drill a 25/64" (1 cm) diameter hole 3/4" (1. 9 cm) into pipe. Use cartridge as a gauge; when a cartridge is inserted into the pipe, the ¿5 base of the case should be even £4 with the end of the pipe. Thread (1 cm.) coupling tightly onto pipe, drilled end first.

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