Materials Required

or gas pipe

8. Push nail through plug and cut off flat 1/32" past the plug.

9. Screw plug into coupling.

10. Bend 4" metal strap into "L" shape and drill hole for wood screw. Notch metal strap on the long side 1/2" from bend.





3/4" nominal size water or gas pipe 20" to 30" long threaded on one end. 3/4" steel coupling Solid 3/4" pipe plug Metal strap (1/4" x 1/16" x 4") Twine, heavy (100 yards approximately) 3 wood screws and screwdriver Flat head nail 6D or SO Hand drill Saw or knife File

Shellac or lacouer Elastic Bands


1. Carefully inspect pipe and fittings.

11. Position metal strap on stock so that top will hit the head of a. Make sure that there are no cracks or other flaws, the nail. Attach to stock with wood screw.

b. Check inside diameter of pipe. A 12-gauge shot shell should f~plug fit into the pipe but the brass rim should not fit.

c. Outside diameter of pipe must be at least 1 in. (2. 54 cm).

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