Hexanitrodiphenyl sulfide (picryl sulfide) is formed by the interaction of picryl chloride and sodium thiosulfate in alcohol solution in the presence of magnesium carbonate. It is sparingly soluble in alcohol and ether, more readily in glacial acetic acid and acetone, golden-yellow leaflets from alcohol-acetone, m.p. 234°. It does not stain the fingers yellow and is said to be non-poisonous. Its explosive properties are comparable to those of hexanitrodiphenylamine. Its use in reinforced detonators has been suggested, and the fact that its explosion produces sulfur dioxide has commended it for use in projectiles intended to make closed spaces, such as casemates, holds of ships, etc., untenable. During the first World War the Germans used drop bombs loaded with a mixture of equal parts of TNT and hexanitrodiphenyl sulfide.

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The action of nitric acid on hexanitrodiphenyl sulfide yields a substance, faintly yellowish crystals, m.p. 307°, which Stett-

bacher believes to be the sulfone, not the peroxide as the patent states, for the reason that it is stable at elevated temperatures

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