s b. SMG's are designed to be cheap and easy to produce and are geared to a military market. Therefore, the design can be based on practical considerations alone, without the need to make concessions to appearance. Appearance 1s a major factor when designing a commercial gun for commercial sales, and can greatly increase the cost and complicate the manufacturing process.

c. Most SMG's fire from-a cocked or open bolt and contain a fixed firing pin. The inertia of the bolt moving forward eliminated the necessity for complex breech locking mechanisms or stiff recoil springs found in commercialy available semi auto guns. This open bolt firing allows the weapon to be both lighter In weight and slmpHer in design. The open bolt or slam-bang type of action does jar the weapon upon firing, and therefore some concession is made to target type accuracy.

The next few PMA issues.will feature material on some of the more popular modem SMGs.While we haven' yet been able to purchase a set of plans for PMA publication, we have found sources of several excellent designs geared toward home manufacture. (See Roy Mc Laughlin's ad this issue and The Void's ad for Holmes' Home Workshop Book in previous issues, both are good sets of plans.)

If you have a design for sale, want to buy or sell specific SMG components, or would like to see material on some specific SMG, drop me a card care of PMA and we'll see what we can do.

The issue features a reprint of the patent for Gordon Ingram's M10 and Mil (MAC) Machine Pistols. All parts for these guns are available except the lower receiver, and we hope to have a set of construction plans for the lower unit in a future issue┬╗ If you are interested in the MAC 10 or 11 unit drop George Liu a line (see classified ads this issue). He sells complete registered SMGs to qualified buyers as well as all replacement parts and several reprints of articles that have been written about the M10 and Mil.


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