Pipe Bomb

Pipe Bomb Drawing

By Robert Maybeth

A simple rrortar can be made from a shotgun of any gauge. It can deliver almost any type of bomb, Including incendiaries , pipe bombs, nolatov cocktails even the C02 bomb detailed In issue /I.

First, a regular shotgun shell is converted for use in the mortar. The shell is opened and the pellets are removed; the wadding is pulled out and replaced by a wad of cotton.

Next, obtain a piece of round wood Stick or dowel. When the stick is loaded in the gun, it should be long dough to protrude from the gun's ruzzle about six inches.

Attaching the ordnance to be launched is dene in various ways. The bomb can be taped to the stlc< with good, strong tape. Or the mount can be partly built into the bomb Itself. If it's something like the potato masher grenade shown on page 37 of the POOR HAN'S JAMES BOND, It can be screwed right onto the stick. Or, design your own.

The weapon can be fired From the shoulder, like a conventional grenade launcher\ but bracing the unit against the ground like a conventional mortar is better as the recoil Is severe. A pair of legs are attached to the shotgun as shown, and the gun Is set at a A5 degree angle. It Is aimed by adjusting the angle of the shotgun. Before firing, a sandbag Is placed under the shotgun's butt to prevent stock damage from repeated firings.

To use, the shell is chambered and the stick, wfth armament attached, is pushed into the barrel to contact the shell. Then the bomb's fuse is lit and the thing is fired. A great home defense weapon if there ever was one. * * * * *

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