Pistol Crossbow

The IMP Pistol Crossbow features a two piece cast aluminum frame, plastic grips, fiberglass prod (bow) and fully adjustable rear sights. The aluminum trigger should be shimmed on both sides with nylon washers to eliminate wobble.

The crossbow is 10V long and 5V1 tall. The prod measures 12" across when strung and in the uncocked position. The child size grips should be lengthened about 1" by taping or gluing a wood or plastic block to the bottom. There is no provision for a safety so bolts (arrows) should not be inserted until you are ready to fire. The two bolts provided are brittle plastic and should be replaced with ones made of fiberglass or aluminum.

Barnett Imp Crossbow

This compact little crossbow was originally designed for indoor use. With our new 30 lb draw weight glass-fibre prod, target and flight shooting out of doors becomes an exciting venture. The extremely fast recoil of the prod casts the boll a minimum of 50 yards.

is the basis on page 92

The design of this crossbow for the dart catapult project and may be used instead of beginning from scratch.

The IMP Crossbow sells for about $30 and is available from one of the sources listed below. Order both catalogs as they contain info on several crossbows, books, crossbow components, replacement bolts,etc.

Crossbowman (USA), Box 2159, Petaluma, CAL 94952. Cataloq 25*.

B.&P. Barnett (Canada), 93 Ashbury Ave., London, Ont. N6E 1T3, Tel.(519) 681-6482. Catalog 50c".

Bazooka, homemade 53 Blinder 19 Bolas 19 Bomb, CO2 8

Bombs, mortar 21, plastic 24 Booby traps, 23, 78 Bow 16

Briefcase weapon 10, 55, 60 Bugging 7

Bullet, exploding 62 Bulletproof 15 Caltrops 44

Cannon, fireball 26, gas 54 Cap weapon 47 Cartridges 44 Chlorine 24 Crossbow 22, 76

Darts, capture 85, catapault 88 Detonators 38, friction 87 Dividers 25 Dynamite, storing 30 Explosive charge 21 Firebombs, 14, 30 Flare gun conversion 67 Flash powders 42 Grenades 29, smoke/gas 43, launcher 81 Gun, zip 24

Hydrochloric acid generator 30

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