1. PUco blastiag cap on «no «nd oí futa cord aad crlmp with pilara.

NOTE: To fiad out how long the fu*« cord should be» check the timo it takea a known langth to bura. Ií 12 iacho« burna in 30 secoada. a 6-iach cord will jg. alte tha granad« in 15 aacoada.

2. Screw pipo cap to oao and oí pipo. Placo fuae cord with blaat-iag cap lato the oppoaita aad a o that the blaatlag cap ta aaar tho coator oi tho pipo. 2 0

NOT Et Ii plaaMc exploaive ta ta ba usad. fiU pipo bofo ra iaaartiag blaatlng cap. PuatTa round aticlf lato the coator oí the exploaive to mako a bolo aad then áaaort tho blaattag cap.

HlP* Dialling Cap


End Cap

Fuaa Cord


Block of TNT or other blaating exploaive Nailt

Non-Electric Military blaating cap Fuse Cord

Tape, stving, wire or glue PROCEDURE:

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