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Manufacture of matches

Medicine Lubricant t. Spread potassium chlorate crystals thinly on a hard surface. Roll the round stick over crystals to crush into a very fine powder until it looks like face powder or wheat flour.

2. Place 9 parts powdered potassium chlorate and 1 part petroleum jelly in a wide bowl or similar container. Mix ingredients with hands (knead) until a uniform paste is obtained.

Store explosive in a waterproof container until Veady to use.

Section I

6 No. 2 POTASSIUM NITRATE Potassium nitrate (saltpeter) can be extracted from many natural sources and can be used to make nitric acid» black powder and many pyrotechnics. The yield ranges from . 1 to 10% by weight, depending on the fertility of the soil.

3. Place dirt in bucket.

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