Pulls Instead Of Pushes

SING wh»t I lerm a "double-action" bow and a "front-wheel-drive" arrow of entirely design, Orville Littleton and I have obtained almost incredible results in a series of flight-shot experiments. Here are the figures:

BEST TYPE YEW FLIGHT BOW 10-lb. bow. 2S-in. Port

Orford cedar arrow.. GO yd. 30-lb. bow, 28-in. Port

OrfoM cedar arrow..209 yd. 65-lb. bow. 28-ln. Port Orford cedar arrow..304 yd.

BOW AND ARROW OF NEW DESIGN 10-lb. bow, spring type, front-diSve arrow ...160 yd. 30-lb. bow, spring type, front-drive arrow ... 328 yd. The term "30-lb. bow" means that a pull of 30 lb. is required to draw back fully whatever length of arrow is inteoded to be used with it. Note therefore that the new 30-lb. bow and arrow gave a greater flight than a 65-lb. bow of the finest type heretofore developed for flight shooting.

Conventional arrows are difficult to make successfully, but those used with the new bow, which are pulled instead of pushed, are simplicity itself—a piece of squared umbrella rib, a nail, and a sliver of bamboo. The new double-action bow is made like other bows, but three

Famous ortker end for-rtttrLy heftier of world's flight record

Dill »boot» 160 yards with this miniatnr« bow, thl pull oí which it only tan pound*. Th« arrow* go Inald* th* barrai and ara pullad by tht atrlwf

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