Push Dagger Full Size Pattern

sewn to the inside of your boot or the scabbard supplied with the knife can be shortened to fit the new blade length.

Push Dagger

The push dagger, like the derringer, was a popular bàckup or hideout weapon for the American traveler in the 18008. Rlverboat gamblers would often produce a push dagger to settle a gambling argument, and many gentlemen carried a dagger as a discrete means of protection for encounters with the local riff-raff.

Many of these early push daggers were works of art. One of the more popular designs was produced by Will and Finck of San Francisco. Their push daggers featured engraved blades and handles of german silver and walrus tusk. The knife was supplied in a german silver sheath inch of the handle to remove this peened over material.

The blade is now aecured In a vise after wrapping It in several layers of masking tape to protect the edge and your fingers. Tap gently against the finger guard with a hammer and the handle ahould slide off the tang.

with a fancy clip for attaching to the tpelt. In recent years/the push dagger has become a popular concealed weapon. Two basic designs are currently available, the traditional push dagger with palm shaped curved handle, and a relatively new design, the belt knife. All traditional type push daggers now being produced come from custom knife makers. These beautiful knives can cost anywhere from 50 to several hundred dollars.

The belt knife design is available from several manufacturers. The price range in $10 to 30 dollars. Quality is governed by price. The cheaper plated steel knives are supplied with vinyl belts, while the high priced units are stainless steel with belts of high quality saddle leather.

An excellent push dagger of the traditional design can be made from the five dollar Commando knife used in the boot knife project. The original

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