Safety Check Test Fire Shotgun Before Hand Firing

1. Locate a barrier such as a stone wall or large tree which you can stand behind in case the weapon explodes when fired.

2. Mount shotgun solidly to a table or other rigid support at least ten feet in front of the barrier.

3. Attach a long cord to the firing strap on the shotgun.

4. Holding the other end of the cord, go behind the barrier.

5. Pull the cord so that the firing strap is held back.

5. Coat pipe and "V"

groove of stock with shellac or lacquer and, while still wet, place pipe in "V" groove and wrap 6. Release the cord to fire the shotgun. (If shotgun does not fire, pipe and stock together using two heavy layers of twine. shorten the elastic bands or increase their number.)

Coat twine with shellac **ch laYer'

6. Drill a hole through center t of pipe plug large enough for nail to pass through.

IMPORTANT: Fire at least five rounds from behind the barrier and then re-inspect the shotgun before you at. tempt to shoulder fire it.

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