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By Fritz the Cat

Set guns are a dandy way to protect yourself and your property. Correctly rigged, they can kill or malm an intruder , and, If you are around, announce the Intruder's tresspasses. If push ever comes to shove In our uncertain future, set guns will provide c^eap, (they can be improvised) reliable, and effective insurance for a broad variety of security problems. For the present, they must be used with the greatest discretion. The authorities and their minions frown upon the use of firearms In general and set guns in particuiar- Juries have been known to award huge sums to burglars who were maimed in the process of breaking into or looting the home of a set gun user. The gun Is being.increasingly portrayed as a villan in our society by those who wish to ban them, and the use of set guns has decreasing sympathy with juries.

There is an alternative solution available to us: a non-lethal, yet devastating waapon-the EYE POPPER. It is simple to make and use; it coraiats Of a flashbulb(s), battery, and a victim activated circuit. It makes use of the following Fact: even a single, snail flash bulb, can cause permanent and serious damage, when fired from close range at a dark adapted eye (Iris dilated).

Several flashbulbs fired simultaneously at close range would Instantly and permanently blind an Intruder, putting an end to his activities of the moment and rendering him incapa

ble of organized activities-hostile action or easy escape.

The main fly tn the ointment with the set gun Is the gunshot wound which Is proof In Itself that a firearm was used; with the EYE POPPER, the Jury has only the burglar's word that something you rigged up blinded hiir and the chances are he never got a look at the device before It was activated ( and promptly lost his chance forever). Why, the poor slob singly fired the electronic flash on your camera as he was stealing it-wtiat could you do? The diagram illustrates one simple method of using an EYE POPPER. It is by no means the only way; you are United only by your Imagination. A-cigar box (or jewelry box : It makes an irresistable bait that takes burglars out early In the game) is rigged with a double wire pull, a 9 volt battery, and four flash bulbs, all in series. Opening the box does the trick I Use as many flash bulbs as you wish, or have room for, or your battery will fire—the more the better. Always use aluminum foil to reflect and concentrate the Mx I mum amount of light out of the box and Inco the burglar's face. But make sure your wires are insulated so they do not short out on the foil. I used the double pull switch because it is simple, others are possible. Try to keep wires short enough that the circuit can fire before it is recognized as a "trap" or camouflage It. The CLOTHESPIN SWITCH, page H of PMA Vol. 1 /I is a good one to jse ir. boxes for any purpose.

Flesh bulbs offer irony possibfIit»es. They are still easy to co*r»e by and will probaoly be amcung the last items to be serialized, registered, and eventually banned.

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