Silencers And Stark Arresters

BOY MECHANIC VOL.3 A Croubow Migtxine Gun

A new type of bow gun that a boy into the end of the barrel. The notch can make, and which will give him in which the bowstring- catches, should plenty of good sport, ia one of the re- be cut just under the rear end of the peating or magazine variety. To make magazine. The trigger is an L-shaped, the gun, cut a toft pine board, 40 in. pivoted piece, and pushes the cord oft long and 5 in. wide. With a saw and the notch when ready to fire. As ¿oon knife, cut the gwn form aa ahown. Cut as the first arrow leaves the £un the a groove along the top of the barrel, one just above it drops down into the where the arrow will lie ready to be groove when the bowstring is again shot out when the hickore bow is re- pulled back into place behind the notch, leased. The magazine holding the five Pressure on the trigger shoots this ar-arrows is made of thin boards, 24 in. row, another takes its place, and the long, and is held in place by four small cord is pulled back once more. The strips. The magazine is 3 in. deep, arrows should be of light pine, 22 in. thus permitting the five arrows to lie long and % in. square, the rear end evenly in it without crowding. The notched and the front pointed. To bow is of seasoned hickory and is set make the arrow shoot m a straight course, and to give it proper weight, the head end should be bored with a K*-m. bit, 3 in. deep, and melted lead run into the hole.—

The Acre«« era Sucked Is (ha nd fini le SuccmmImi by th« jtawftiriac ft«U*»«4

The Acre«« era Sucked Is (ha nd fini le SuccmmImi by th« jtawftiriac ft«U*»«4

J t R 7738 Scout Ave. Bell Gardens, CAL - 90201


XC1 te fit XC Silencers from .709 through .937 $2.00 XC2 to fit XC Silencers from 1.000 through 2.000 XC3 to fit all XXC Silencer« ________:

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