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The 3/4" long piece of drain pipe is used to make a spacer for the area between the rear of the 4" tube and the spiral assembly. Split the edge of the 3/4" tube and overlap the edges, reducing the size until it will

Endcap Packing Procedure:

Various materials can be used as flexible baffles to fill the endcap. These baffles are intended to allow the bullet to pass, but to partially seal off the end of the silencer and help to slow the release of gas. Flexible plastic, nylon, and red or black rubber may all be used.

The front half of the endcap will take a baffle with a IV 00, while the rear V' of baffles must be notched to clear the nuts from the mount assembly. If soft rubber is used, a small 'X' cut in the center is sufficient to allow the bullet to pass. If harder plastic or nylon is used, a tapered hole V at the rear and about 1/8" at the front must be made. Don't try to make a hole in a baffle by firing a bullet through it, you will probably destroy the endcap. A 1/8" stack of wire screen discs can also be used as part of the end-

cap packing material. The stack of screen discs should have V holes in the centers. Regardless of the baffle material used, they will wear out after several hundred rounds and will have to be replaced. After the end-cap is packed with baffles, it is reinstalled on the 8" tube. The unit is now completed. If a front sight is needed, a sight blade can be soldered in the notch of the top mount screw, or a conventional sight ramp can be mounted on the 3" tube.

The completed unit can be painted with conventional spray paint or MG Coat (see article elsewhere in this issue). If the unit will be used extensively, it will get quite hot. A handguard to protect your hands can be made by wrapping the silencer in several layers of asbestos gasket material. The asbestos is covered with a layer of black plastic elec^-tricians tape.

After extensive use, the silencer should be disassembled and cleaned. The screen should be scrubbed clean or replaced, as well as the baffles in the endcap. Be sure to inspect the spiral baffle assembly for any breaks in the soldered washer spiral, and resolder them.

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