Sulphuric Acid

PROCEDURE: I. Sulphuric acid must be concentrated. If battery acid or other dilute acid is used, concentrate it by boiling. Container used •hould be of enamelware or oven glass. When dense

IMPORTANT: Wash outside of jar thoroughly with clear water. If this is not done, the jar may be dangerous to handle during use


1. Place the tube containing the Sugar Chlorate crystals on an incendiary or flammable material taped end down.

3. Fit the tube to the bulb ba and tape in place.

Meke sure that the tube doee not cover that portion of the bulb bate that fit« into the socket.



4. If no socket is available for connecting the initiator to the firing circuit, solder the connecting wires to the bulb base.

CAUTION: Do NOT use a hot soldering iron on the completed igniter since it may ignite the Black Powder.

Bulb Base

Bulb Base



/ Tube Material Required


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