This Weapon Can Also Be Made Using The Explosive Ano Fuse Below

Explos i ve:

Mix three (3) parts Potassium chlorate and one (1) part granulated sugar. Confine in a container (in this case the claymore mine) and use time fuse to set it off. Time Fuse:

Boi1 equal parts of potassium chlorate and granulated sugar in water. Dip cotton string in the solution and let dry. Buring rate is approx. sixty (60) seconds per foot. Test some to make sure!

This weapon can also be used on the side of a truck or tractor. This was done in Vietnam and was found to be highly effective in ambush situations where the enemy was at close quarters to the vehicle being attacked.

Make a steel box approx. 6" deep and 12 by 12" on the sides. Just sides & bottom, no top. Solidly attach the box to the side of a vehicle with bolts or weld it In place. Make sure It is attached to something solid - remember that back blast! Make up 2 sand bags, one 6x12 and the other about 10 x 12. Set the small bag in the bottom of the box and the larger bag into the back of the box. (The open 'end of the box should point outwards' from the vehicle). Now set the claymore into the box so that it is sitting on top of the small bag and against the large bag. Securely fasten the mine into the box with wire or what ever is handy so it won't fall out as you drive down the road.

A switch set into the dash is the easiest way to set this placement off. Wire a lead from the battery thru a breaker or a fuse to the switches and them to the claymores.

Plastic Sealer

Steel Balls

Plastic Sealer

Improvised Claymore Mine

Cas Ing Black Powder

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