CAUTION: If safety lever should be released for any reason, grenade will explode after regular delay time (4-5 sec.).

NOTE: If diameter of safety fuse is too large to fit in hole (Step 4), follow procedure and How to Use of Time Delay Grenade, Section VI, No. 9. instead of Steps 3 and 4 above. HOW TO USE:

1. Light fuse.

2. Whirl grenade overhead, holding knot at end of rope, until grenade picks up speed (3 or 4 turns).

3. Release when sighted on target.

Section VII

ii|0 No. 9 NOTE: It is helpful to practice first with a dummy grenade or a rock

ROPE GRENADE LAUNCHING TECHNIQUE to improve accuracy. With practice, accurate launching up to 100 meters

(300 feet) can be obtained. A method of increasing the distance a grenade may be thrown.. Safety fuse is used to increase the delay time.


Hand grenade (Improvised pipe hand grenade, Section II, No. 1 may be used)

Safety fuse or fast burning Improvised Fuse, (Section VI, No. 7) Light rope, cord, or string

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