Unconcealed Concealed Weapon By Martin Kruse

The good old-fashioned blackjack is still one of the best hand-to-hand weapons around for real close quarter work. Unfortunately, however, our lawmakers have seen fit to make this fine defensive weapon 11 legal.In most states .now, the laws are so warped that the blackjack is not only illegal to carry, but it's even prohibited to own one (unless you're a police officer). This has made this fine weapon relatively hard to come by.

As usual, though, the law is really pointless, since there are several improvised types you can make yourself which work just fine. The handiest, least conspicuous, and most •"bust proof" is an English style cap nail, giving you a quarter inch section of shaft with a sharp point. Put epoxy on the blunt end and Insert Into the hole. The assembly of the yawara stick is described In issuefl.

Either end of this stick can be used for its respective purpose:the cap end for striking, as. with a regular yawara stick, or the protruding end of the half inch section for deadlier intentions. Care should be taken to wrap enough duct tape around the Inner section so there will be no danger of the .410 shell going off when the cap end Is struck

Unconcealed Weapons

with a one to three ounce fishing sinker In it. Just attach the sinker inside the back of the cap with a large safety pin.

This is perhaps the best kind of concealed weapon in that it Is disguised rather than hidden. You can forcefully. It should only detonate when the small end is smashed a-gainst its target. The end can also be securely taped together to prevent the sections from separating while it's being carried.

To test your stick, empty a .410 shell of shot and powder, and load it into the stick. Smash the business end into the dirt, slanting It away from you to protect your eyes from flying particles. If the primer detonates, success! If not, make sure the firing pin (nail point) Is In the center of the cap. * * *

"legitimize" the weapon by pinning in a small packet of fishhooks and maybe even some line with the sinker. As far as I know,there is no law a-gainst carrying any fishing gear in your hat.And,it will do double duty If you do happen to be a fisherman (fi shperson?).

When needed, the weapon can be brought into play In a hurry.No digging Into pockets,boot-tops or sleeves.Just grab the brim and swing.It's extremely quick and effective.Catch an attacker across the side of the head with a good swing and he'll go out like a light.

The English cap is a comfortable and practical piece of headgear which has come back into style in recent years.It's just the thing for a late stroll In any neighborhood J

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