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Primary ¿juimíner—Benjamin A. Bore belt Assistant Examiner— Stephen C. Bentley Attorney—Nolte A Nolte


An automatic firearm comprises a frame, a receiver mounted on the frame, a barrel mounted on the receiver, a bolt diiposed in the receiver andteiescopicaily movable relative to the breech end of the barrel against the action of a recoil ipring. the bolt being controlled by a sear which is movable In response to movement of the weapon trigger. A trigger guard is mounted on the frame and disposed in enveloping relationship to the trigger an4 arranged with one end protruding io-u/ardly of ihe frame and adjacent the breech end of the barrel so a* to aid in guiding rounds of ammunition into the breech end of the barrel. A bolt handle is movabty mounted on the bolt and arranged to extend.tbrough a longitudinal slot formed in the receiver. The bolt handle is constructed so as to form a lucking relationship w ith enlarged en¿t of the longitudinal slot when moved relative to the bolt and a sight passage is formed in the outwardly protruding portion of the bolt handle which allows sighting therethrough in line with the front and rear sights when the bolt handle is in an unlocked condition but precluding sighting when the boh handle is in locked position.

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U.S. fount No. 3.451.734 was Issued on March 21, 1972. to GORDON B. INGRAM, it cavara tha basic daslgn oI the Ingram Mia and Mil Submachlna Ouns formerly manufacturad by Hia Military Armament Corporation of Marietta.


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