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AHEAD LOCK can be broken with one sure swift blow. You may frantically pull and tug and twist to release yourself from someone who has an arm tightly wrapped around your neck or by Jiu-Jitsu you may release yourself easily in less than two seconds. There is no question about the effectiveness of this method—the effect on the nerve which is struck is instantaneous and severe. This release is very easy to apply and needs comparatively little practice.

This is o one hand break for a head lock which you can depend upon whenever you may have on occasion to apply it.

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In Jiu-Jifsu thore ore several ways to releose yourself from such a predicament

but there are none easier or more simple than this method.

and bring your right arm up behind your opponent's back and over his shoulder. Have your right hand in the position recommended for a knife blow.

In the meantime waste none of your effort in trying to break the grip of his arms by pulling your little finger to your hand. This blow need travel no more than three inches

to completely incapacitate your man for further action for some time.

His grasp around your neck will be broken at once and

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