As you knock his hands away get a good Firm grip around his tipper right arm with your lefl hand. This will be easy as your arms and hands are still in motion.

you will be amazed at the ease with which you throw the person.

and throw him so hard upon his back that he may be stunned by the fall.

Your right hand now takes a firm hold on his shoulder right up close to his neck. Up to this point you have been standing face to face

You can throw the subject very heavily or you con ease up a little as he goes over

For fhe first port, the release, you sink down several inches by bending your knees.

whereas now you quickly take a step directly to your left with your right foot and break his fall somewhat. Of course if someone hos attempted to choke you, you

By dipping down thus you gather momentum for your upward push.

which brings your own right hip behind your opponent's right hip. Now raise your right hip are not going lo want to ease his fall too much. Rctoin his right orm by your left and bond it backward over your forearm to keep him under control.

Thrust your arms upward between his arms. Push outward as well as upward

which raises him upon if and at the same time give a strong pull forward on bis shoulders. Pull down on his right arm and pull up and over on his left shoulder.

This is another example of the grcal dependence the Jiu-Jitsu operator puis upon the hip throw. Fully twenty per cent of all throwsorcthercby accomplished. Therefore you con not become too adopt in its execution.

The first part of this number consists of the release. Your hands and arms thrust upward, with ' considerable force, between his arms and break.his grip.

Then you hold his right arm closely under your left arm and your right arm goes to his left shoulder.

Then the hip throw. Using your right hip as the pivot, and pulling with your arms he easily goes up and over.

YOU STAND more chance of being attacked by an opponent using his fists than by one using any other weapon. Fortunately, Jiu-Jitsu has many defenses against those who may attempt to slug you with their fists. The one described here is to be used against a right-hand blow. Just two moves to make, one to block your opponent's blow, one to make your counter blow, and if you do it correctly the trouble is over.

This it a very useful num-ber. A person who attempts lo hit you with a right hond bfow gives you a wide open opportunity to knock him out.

As an attacker's right flit flashes toward you, counter the blow

*> t •"' HI ltfH

by a hard smash with the knife port el your hand to his forearm

which will momentarily parolixe his wrist and hond. As you do Vhis

bring your right hond and arm over, across your badyr with your hand In knife blow position.

Wilh your left hond hold your opponent's right arm out of the way and bring

Wilh your left hond hold your opponent's right arm out of the way and bring your right hand high on your left side. Then hit, very hard, at a spot right over his lowest rib.

In most cases this will be a knockout blow as few people can stand such a blow to their liver.

Improvised Boobytraps

Let me caution you ta use this blow very lightly in proctice. Do. however, practice hitting the right spot but this con be determined by very light laps.

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