Reprinted Frcna Popular Mechanics 1937

F\0 YOU realize what can be done in the ^ way of accurate measuring with an ordinary, high-grade steel scale? The hundredth of an inch divisions were not put on the scale as an ornament or to impress you with the quality of the tool, They are for use, and with a little patience and practice you can split the hundredths and make linear measurements correctly within a few thousandths of an inch.

Hair-splitting precision like this is easy. All you need is the scale, a small magnifying glass, a reasonable supply of patience, and above all, confidence in the fact that it can be done and that you can do it.

As an example, look at the two tiny dotted-head brass studs in the palm of the hand shown in the photograph above. The original pieces, of which these are copies, were located in such a position on the apparatus of which they are a part, that it was not possible to get at them even to measure the head diameter with an ordinary micrometer. All measurements were taken from the originals with the aid of nothing but a steel scale and a small magnifying glass.


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