Picratnic arid dioiotii

Diatodinitrophenol ro,


Picramic acid, red needles, m. p. 109°, may be prepared by evaporating ammonium pic rate in alcohol solution with ammonium sulfide.

Preparation of Diazodinitrophenol. Ten grams of picramic acid is suspended in 120 cc. of 5% hydrochloric acid in a beaker which stands in a basin of ice water, and the mixture is stirred rapidly with a mechanical stirrer. Sodium nitrite (3.6 grams) dissolved in 10 cc. of water is added all at once, and the stirring is continued for 20 minutes. The product is collected on a anc^ washed thoroughly with ice water. The dark brown granular material may be used as such, or it may be dissolved in hot acetone and precipitated by the addition of a large volume of ice water to the rapidly agitated liquid, a treatment which converts it into a brilliant yellow amorphous powder.

L. V. Clark, who has made an extensive study of the physical and explosive properties of diazodinitrophenol, reports that it has

Figure 103. Diazodinitrophenol Crystals (90X).

a true density at 25°/4° of 1.63. Its apparent density after being placed in a tube and tapped is only 0.27, but, when compressed in a detonator capsule at a pressure of 3400 pounds per square inch (239 kilograms per square centimeter), it has an apparent density of 0.86. It is not dead-pressed by a pressure of 130,000 pounds per square inch (9139 kilograms per square centimeter). It is soluble in nitrobenzene, acetone, aniline, pyridine, acetic acid, strong hydrochloric acid, and nitroglycerin at ordinary temperatures. Its solubility at 50° in 100 grams of solvent is: in ethyl acetate 2.45 grams, in methyl alcohol 1.25 grams, in ethyl

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