1. Bury at least 1/2 of the launcher pipe in the ground at desired angle.. Open end should face the expected path of the enemy. Muzzle may be covered with cardboard and a thin layer of dirt and/or leaves as camouflage. Be sure cardboard prevents dirt from entering pipe.



Cardboard and Leaves

NOTE: The 14 in. launcher may be hand held against the ground instead of being buried. ^

2. Light fuse when ready to fire.

METHOD II - If Electrical Igniter is Used:

NOTE: Be sure that bulb is in good operating condition.

1. Prepare electric bulb initiator as described in Section VI, No. 1.

2. Place electric initiator and black powder charge in paper. Tie ends of paper with string.

Connecting Wires

3. Follow above Procedure, Steps 3 to end, HOW TO USE:

1. Follow above How to Use, Step 1.

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