There are no excuses for unsafe handling of firearms only regrets

Never accept or pick up a firearm without removing the magazine, checking the chamber to assure it is empty, and placing the weapon on safe.

Always make sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction at all times.

Never store firearms and ammunition together. Keep them locked up and away from children or any incapacitated persons.

Never attempt when carrying a loaded firearm to climb a wall or any obstacle.

Never touch the trigger when working the operating handle.

Never tamper with the magazine or use magazines not manufactured by INTRATEC.

Never alter any components of your firearm.

Never take medications, drugs or alcohol when handling firearms.

Never use old or reloaded ammunition; use only recommended ammunition.

Never load or unload a firearm without assuring the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction.

Never keep a loaded firearm in the home, car, boat, or R.V.

Never load a firearm except immediately before shooting.

Never handle firearms without proper shooting glasses and ear protection.

Never place finger on trigger until ready to fire.

Never place hands near the muzzle at any time.

Never point a firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot.

When firing, make sure your "audience" is ALWAYS 5 feet in back of you and wearing proper ear and eye protection.

Never shoot at any water surface or any surface where a ricochet can occur.

Never shoot until you are sure of your backstop and what lies beyond it.

If the gun does not discharge after pulling trigger, do not change its down range position for at least 30 second; you could be having a "hang fire".

All malfunctions must be reported immediately and the use of the firearm discontinued until the problem is corrected by the manufacturer.

If you do not understand how to operate any of our products or have any questions about their safe handling, please write to us.

Note: Firearms, like many other products, are inherently dangerous, and incorrect handling increases the risk of injury to those around them.


9mm Luger/Parabelium_full metal jacket bullets: Federal

Federal "American Eagle"



Please...NEVER use re-loaded ammunition!

Your firearm was designed to fire ONLY factory, full metal jacketed (FMJ or MC) ammunition.

INTRATEC cannot recommend any brand of ammo we have not tested extensively at the factory.

Do not use any cases with a wall thickness of less than .027, also do not use any reloaded ammunition regardless of wall thickness.

The reason behind this recommendation is that, in all blowback designed firearms, as a round is fired, the case begins to move rearward as the expanding gases are at their highest pressures. At this moment, a small back portion of the case wall is not supported by the chamber walls, therefore, making wall thickness a critical factor.

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