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BOLT ASSEMBLY: Willi gun upside down, replace bolt operating handle back in position so that the notch in the handle faces the opening for the trigger guard assembly. Slide bolt operating handle fully to rear. Insert the driving spring guide into spring and insert spring into hole in bolt. Then fit driving spring guide into the hole at rear of receiver. Push block to rear of receiver against the pressure of the driving spring. I See Fig. 6). Hold the bolt with it inclined slightly and set down over the boll operating handle and allow the boll to move forward.

TRIGGER ASSEMBLY: Make sure that hammer is in cocked position. (See Figure 7). With the gun in upside down position, replace trigger assembly by inserting lug on front end of Irigger assembly mating slot inside forward end of receiver. Press down and forward against rear portion of trigger guard until fully sealed. Insert and lighten trigger guard retaining screw. The gun is now completely re-assembled.

Length of Pull Drop at Heel Drop at Comb Barrel Length Over-All Length Weight of (iun Weight of Scope and Mount Magazine Capacity Front Sight

13-% inches 2!4 inches 1 '/> inches 23 (4 inches 41 % inches

17 Long rifle

Ramp tvpe with gold

Rear Sight

Rocky Mountain patridge type with serrated blade for elevation at 25 yard intervals.

American black walnut

Kutt Stock & fore-end

List of Parts and Assemblies

Higgins Model Trigger Assembly

J. C. HIGGINS MODEL 29 .22 CAt. Model Numbers 583.78 and 583.79 (One of these numbers is marked on the Barrel. Important — mention when ordering.)

WHERE TO ORDER REPAIR PARTS — Any Sears retail or mail order store will handle your order.

HOW TO ORDER - Specify Model No., Reference No., Part No. and Part Name. Parts marked with an asterisk (*) must be fitted by gunsmiths in Sears mail order houses, or by outside gunsmiths.





456 496M

459 308

460 310

492 462M

463 461 494 489

469 320 470M

323 356

392 378 400

393 472M

333 336 437 335 338

475 381

479 482


Boll Assembly (Composed of: 496 Boll

468 Firing Pin

320 Firing Pin Spring

469 Firing Pin Retaining Pin

465 Extractor

466 Extractor Retaining Pin

467 Extractor Spring)


Boll Operating Handle Bull Plate Butt Plate Screw Cartridge Lifter Cartridge Lifter Pin Cartridge Lifter Spring Cartridge Lifter Spring Retaining Pin

Cartridge Lifter Slop Pin 'Disconnector Assembly (Composed of: 462 Disconnector 312 Disconnector Hinge Pin) Disconnector Spring Disconnector Spring Retaining Pin Driving Spring Driving Spring Guide •Ejector 'Extractor Extractor Retaining Pin Extractor Spring Firing Pin

Firing Pin Retaining Pin Firing Pin Spring Forearm Assembly (Composed of:

470 Forearm

399 Trigger Guard Retaining Screw Nut) Forearm Retaining Screw Front Sight, Low or/ Front Sight, Medium or/ Front Sight, High Front Sight Slug Front Sight Romp Hammer Assembly (Composed of: 472 Hammer 330 Hammer Strut Pin) Hammer Pin Hammer Spring Hammer Spring Guide Hammer Spring Pin Magaxine Cap Magazine Cap Pin Magazine Follower Magazino Spring 'Magazine Support 'Magozine Support, Rear Magazine Support Pin Magazine Throat, Right Hand Magazine Throat, Left Hand Magazine Throat Retaining Pin Magazine Tube Magazine Tube, Inside Rear Sight Rear Sight Elevator •Receiver

60 61 62 63

65 78

348 428

351 447

355 424 436 490

387 385 434M


360 487M


Receiver Tang Safety Button Safety Button Plunger Safety Button Plunger Spring •Sear Sear Pin Sear Spring Stock Stock Bolt

Slock Boll Lock Washer Stock Boll Washer Stock Washer Telescope 4X Telescope Base Telescope Base Clamp Ring Telescope Base Clamp Ring Screw Telescope Base Lock Screw Telescope Eye Pieco Cap Assembly (Composed of:

420 Telescope Eye Piece Cap 419 Telescope Front Dusl Cap 434 Telescope Dust Cover Cord)

Trigger & Trigger Extension

Assembly Trigger Pin Trigger Spring Trigger Guard Assembly (Composed of:

459 Cartridge lifter 308 Cartridge Lifter Pin

492 Cartridge lifter Stop Pin

460 Cartridge lifter Spring 310 Cartridge lifter Spring

Retaining Pin 462M Disconnector Assembly 463 Disconnector Spring

461 Disconnoctor Spring Retaining Pin

472M Hammer Assembly

325 Hammer Pin

326 Hammer Spring

327 Hammer Spring Guide

328 Hammer Spring Pin

474 Magazine Throat, R H.

475 Magazine Throat, l.H. 381 Magazine Throat Retaining Pin

346 Safety Button

347 Sofety Button Plunger

348 Safely Button Plunger Spring 428 Sear

350 Sear Pin

351 Sear Spring 427M Trigger & Trigger

Extension Assembly 487 Trigger Guard

359 Trigger Pin

360 Trigger Spring) Trigger Guard

Trigger Guard Retaining Screw Trigger Guard Retoining Screw Nut

Ports list


See those other J. C Higgins moduli ot your nearest Sears Store, or servd o postcard -or descriptive literature on all J C Hlgglm Gun» to Scon Roebuck and Company, Dept. 139. Chicago, Illinois,. Aslr lot J, C Higgins Circular No M9i. Sumnmbur, these Siuns give you more quality and shooting pleasure for every dollar you invest!

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