Operating Instructions

TO MAKE GUN SAFE: Safety is located in trigger guard bow forward i>f trigger. Willi hammer cocked, push safety from left to right until red band is covered. This movement locks trigger, and gun cannot be fired. Always lock the trigger when carrying a loaded guii.

TO RELEASE SAFETY: Push safety from right to left, exposing red band, and gun is ready to fire.

TO LOAD MAGAZINE: With safety on. turn knurled knob on inner magazine tube, pull tube out and insert cartridges into cartridge opening, continuing the operation until last cartridge is visible iSee figure 2). Grasping knurled portion of inside magazine lube, press down with rotating action until magazine tube is fully down and located ยก11 supporting notch.

TO LOAD CHAMBER : Retract action fully to the rear and allow to closc. Push safety so that the red band appears. Gun is now ready to fire.

Higgins Model 311a Firing And Release

TO REMOVE CARTRIDGES; WITHOUT FIRING: Remove inside magazine lube, and by pointing gun muzzle downward, all cartridges in llie magazine tube will drop into the hand. With safety on. work action twice to remove cartridges from barrel chamber and from trigger guard assembly through the ejection porl. Pull bolt operating handle back and examine barrel chamber to make sure gun is now empty of cartridges. Inside magazine tube may now be replaced.

TO ASSEMBLE J. C. I1ICCINS 4-X TELESCOPE SIGHT TO RIFLE: Engage mating slot on telescope mount with mating slot on receiver lop. The eye piece of the scope should be to the rear and slide forward against the stop. Tighten scope mounting screw and the assembly is complete. (See figure 1).

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