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Your Model 36 is treated with new siliconized and polarized oil. This exclusive patented process gets down into the pores of the steel and protects against perspiration and other corrosive elements which cause rust. This oil makes J. C. Higgins guns the most rust resistant of any guns you can buy. It gives the best lubrication of any oil tested. And it protects and beautifies stock and forearm.

The performance of any semi-automatic rifle depends on how clean it is kept. Exclusive use of J. C. Iliggins' ammunition will keep fouling to a minimum, but, because a semi-automatic rifle depends on the powder gases for the repeating action, it must be kept clean to function efficiently. We recommend that your gun be thoroughly cleaned after firing 200 to 250 rounds for continued top performance.

Disassemble the gun, following complete instructions contained in this instruction sheet, into the three basic parts, (a I stock, receiver and barrel group, (b) trigger assembly, and (c) breech bolt assembly.

telescope 1

rear sight retaining screw

Shotgun With Telescope

stock retaining screw forearm magazin! bolt operating handle safety button trigger guard

telescope 1

rear sight stock

Using a tooth brush soaked in solvent, clean trigger assembly, getting powder fouling out of springs, magazine throat, etc. In same manner clean bolt, getting fouling out of extractor, off of bolt face and firing pin, and out of machined cuts in bolt. Push a patch, moistened with a good solvent through the barrel from the muzzle end. Push a brass brush, soaked in solvent through the entire length of the bore several times, using long even strokes. Push clean patches through the bore in the same manner until the last patch comes out unsoiled. Push lightly oiled patch through the entire length of the bore. Wipe both trigger assembly and bolt dry, oil lightly, and replace, following instructions for assembly, which follow.

A J. C. Higgins Rifle Cleaning Kit is available especially for .22 caliber rifles (at any Sears" Store or from the catalogue), which includes all the necessary materials to carry out the above operations. Another valuable piece of equipment is a J. C. Higgins Silicone Cloth which will help by protecting the outside surfaces of the rifle from rust and moisture.

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