Jc Higgins Model 60 Choke Master

factory-installed ventilated rib. And its full-length rib aligns perfectly with the receiver.

3. Deluxe Model 60 with Ventilated Rib and Chokemasler choke control and compensator — the finest game-getter you can buy, yet it costs only a little more than the plain- or rib-barrel models. The CHOKEMASTER gives you seven positions of choke in a twist of the wrist, from extra full to skeet choke. It works like the nozzle on your garden hose; it's quick and easy and gives split-second changes in choke patterns in the field. No tubes to change! The CHOKE-MASTER makes your Model 60 America's most versatile shotgun. You can shoot anything from deer to quail — plus trap and skeet as well. Count on this gun to give you the kind of speed and performance that's bound to increase your bag of game and give you better scores in competitive skeet and trap shooting, too. With the CHOKE-MASTER in "Cylinder" position the Model 60 becomes the most accurate shotgun on the market for shooting rifled slugs.

SHOOTS ALL FOUR LOADS — automatically, interchangeably without adjustment. Handles the lightest trap and skeet loads — heavy field loads or slugs, and even the new 2% in. magnum loads. Gives you dependable automatic action every time.

SIMPLICITY IN DESIGN —Power Piston Automatic Action makes it possible lor you to buy a Model 60 at an unbelievably low price. Prove this to yourself by comparing the J. C. Higgins price and performance with any other automatic shotgun made.

LIGHTWEIGHT — you don't have to pay extra for this feature on the J. C. Higgins Model 60. The plain-barrel model weighs less than IVi lbs. The balance on all three models is perfect with weight equalized throughout, not concentrated in butt or fore-end.


— this gun can't shoot loose. It gives you a full, undistorted, positively aligned sighting plane for fast pointing and more game. The

J. C. Higgins Model 60 also has a silver nameplate for your initials, a personalized extra feature.

Keep your Model 60 CLEAN, and it will give you a lifetime of dependable service.

TO CLEAN THE MODEL 60 — dirt and fouling should be periodically removed from the bolt, extractors, and other operating parts. This should be done with a tooth brush soaked in Nitro solvent (included in J. C. Higgins Cleaning Kits). Following this, all moving parts should be wiped dry and oiled lightly.

Exclusive use of J. C. Higgins ammunition practically eliminates any need for barrel cleaning. Should powder residue or any dirt accumulate in the barrel, however, it can easily be removed.

Open the action, rest the heel of the stock on the floor and hold the gun barrel near the muzzle with the left hand. Push a brass cleaning brush soaked in Nitro solvent through the muzzle end, and work it up and down throughout the entire length of the bore. Follow this by wiping the bore with clean patches until the last one comes out unsoiled. A light protective film of oil may be applied with a patch if desired.

A J. C. Higgins Shotgun Cleaning Kit (available at any Sears Store or from the catalog) includes all of the necessary items for easy cleaning of your shotgun. Another piece of valuable equipment is a J. C. Higgins Silicone Cloth which will completely protect outside surfaces of the gun from any rust due to finger prints or moisture by rubbing "once-over-lightly."

ONLY J. C. HIGGINS OWNS ARE SILICONIZED AND POLARIZED — new siliconized and polarized oil protects your Model 60. This exclusive, patented process gets down into the pores of the steel and protects against perspiration and other corrosive elements which cause rust. This makes J. C. Higgins guns the most rust-resistant of any guns you can buy. It gives the best lubrication of any oil tested. And it protects and beautifies stock and forearm.

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