Cocking and trigger action

- Release the safety catch.

- Operate the trigger with the hammer uncocked. In so doing the hammer must move to the rear and automatically snap forwards when the trigger is squeezed through.

- Tension the hammer with the cocking lever; the indicator pin must visibly protrude from the drill hole. Squeeze the trigger until the pressure point is reached; the hammer must not operate.

- With the hammer cocked, the trigger force must lie between 1.4 and 1.8 kg - and approx. 4.5 kg using the double action trigger.

- Press the cocking lever downwards and hold it in this position, squeeze the trigger and maintain it in the rearmost position, allow the cocking lever to move slowly upwards.

- Release the pressure on the trigger, the pistol must be uncocked (the hammer is held on the retention notch) and the trigger must not catch.

- Press the cocking lever fully down, the pistol must now be fully cocked and the indicator pin visible.

- Squeeze the trigger and hold it in the rearmost position, pull back the slide and allow it to ease forward; the hammer must thereby remain cocked.

- Actuating the hammer again should be possible only after releasing the trigger.

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