Major cleaning

- Each time the pistol has been fired.

- If the pistol has become wet or particularly dirty.

Each time the pistol is cleaned and subsequently reassembled it must be examined for its condition and perfect functioning.

The following items are to be used for cleaning and general maintenance of the pistol:

- Cleaning kit, calibre 7.62 to 9 mm

- Clean pull-throughs and cleaning cloths

- Chlorine-free and acid-free gun oil and gun grease

- Piece of wood, if needed.

1 Storage case

2 Oil tube

Fig. 1 Cleaning kit

3 Cleaning brush

4 Oil brush

5 Cleaning brush

6 Cleaning chain

7 Pull-throughs

Fig. 1 Cleaning kit

It is forbidden to use any of the following items to clean the pistol:

- Metal implements

- Nylon, perlon or other synthetic fibres

- Chemicals e. g., petroleum ether etc.

- Hot or cold water

2.2 Normal cleaning

Normal cleaning must be carried out each time the pistol is used. In this case the pistol must be stripped only to the extent necessitated by the amount of dirt accumulated (see Section 3.2).

The dirty components must be cleaned and oiled using a clean cloth.

2.2.1 Barrel

- Clean the chamber and interior of the barrel with a pullthrough, and subsequently lightly oil.

- Clean and lightly oil the slide.

2.2.2 Slide

- Use the cleaning brush or cloth to clean it out, lightly oil.

2.2.3 Bolt head

- Clean the dismounted bolt head together with the internal tracks, and lightly oil.

- The locking rollers must be caused to move slightly when the bolt head is shaken.


Before inserting the bolt head into the slide, allow a few drops of gun oil to drip into the recess square.

2.2.4 Receiver

- Use the cleaning brush or cloths to clean the receiver, removing any dirt from the entrance to the chamber. - Lightly oil.

2.2.5 Magazine

- Remove accumulations of dirt from the magazine lips and from the follower.

- Lightly oil.

Varying amounts of contamination can accumulate inside the pistol, depending on the number of shots fired and the nature of the propellant charge. It is thus recommended to carry out major cleaning of the pistol after a certanin period of use although no interval can be specified.

2.3 Major cleaning

- Strip the pistol first removing the magazine, detach the slide, and take out the barrel and bolt head (see Section 3.2, or brief description ā€˛Stripping and cleaning" of P9S).

2.3.1 Barrel

- Draw an oil-soaked cleaning brush through the barrel from chamber to muzzle with the cleaning chain (if possible, this should be done for the first time immediately after firing, and while the barrel is still warm to the touch).

- Allow the gun oil to take effect for several hours.

- Afterwards again draw the oil-soaked brush through the barrel.

- Subsequently draw a dry pull-through down the barrel; it must remain clean.

- Lightly oil the barrel.

- Clean and lightly oil the locking system.


Each time that the weapon is fired, the process of cleaning and oiling the barrel must be repeated on the three consecutive days following use.

2.3.2 Slide

- Wash in paraffin (kerosene) pushing the firing pin forwards and cleaning it.

- Wipe the slide and lightly oil it.

2.3.3 Bolt head

- Place in paraffin and use the brush to remove powder deposits, at the same time moving the extractor.

- Use wooden chips to thoroughly clean the internal tracks in the bolt head as well as the locking roller bearings.

- Wipe the bolt head and lightly oil it. Note:

Before inserting the bolt head into the slide, allow a few drops of gun oil to drip into the recess square.

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