Recoil spring

The minimum length of the uncompressed recoil spring must be at least 130 mm. Bolt head (6)

- Examine the bolt head for cracks and other damage.

- Using a wedge, it must not be possible to force the sliding rollers any further than 16.6 mm apart. The rollers must not be caused to jam as a result of this action; they must release under their own centrifugal force (swing the bolt head backwards and forwards).

- If the above requirement is not met, the bolt head must be renewed.

- The thrusting edge for the locking catch must not be distorted.

- The claws on the extractor must not exhibit any signs of damage or wear; the rear leg of the spring must not be distorted.

- The uncompressed extractor spring must have a minimum length of 6.8 mm. Bolt head carrier (7)

- There must be no signs of wear or burring on the guide surfaces of the bolt head carrier.

- The bolt head must have unrestricted sliding movement on the bolt head carrier.

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