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- The safety lever must engage positively in both its end positions. Adjust on the set screw (11), if necessary.

- With the safety catch released, it must be possible to push the firing pin (18) forward and for it to return unhindered under spring pressure. In the safed condition the firing pin must not protrude beyond the safety catch (3) to the rear, and be restricted to approx. 0.2 mm play at the front end.

3.6.2 Receiver, complete (Exploded diagram 2)

- In the uncocked condition, the trigger (4) must travel so far to the rear that the pull bar (18) engages behind the intermediate lever (30) carrying it with it when it travels forwards.

- The double action trigger must move back smoothly. It must be possible to draw back the hammer (20) against spring pressure to the upper edge of the disconnector (22); the hammer must not catch in the notch during the counter recoil action.

(If the hammer responds prematurely, then the intermediate lever (30) and/or the pull-bar must be exchanged).

- Movement of the trigger must be unrestricted and it must not catch at the limit of its travel.

The trigger force for normal action (single) must not be less than 1.4 kg (if necessary, exchange the catch lever (17) and the hammer (20).

With a full magazine loaded into the pistol, the trigger bar (19) must drop in perfectly behind the catch lever and carry it with it (receiver possibly too narrow, i. e., sides pressed together).

- When uncocking the pistol correctly, the hammer must be retained by the notch.

- The catch (2) must be positively lifted when an empty magazine is inserted.

- The magazine catch (25) must retain the magazine securely. When engaged, the magazine must have a minimum of 0.2 mm play along its lengthwise axis. The magazine must spring slightly out when the magazine catch is operated. (This action can be inhibited if the sides of the magazine well have been pressed together, or if the magazine itself is distorted).

- It must be possible to press down the cocking lever (27) (both with and without a filled magazine) so far that the hammer engages positively. (Grip must be in position).

- Use of the cocking lever must allow the catch to be pushed upwards through its full travel so that on release it falls back into its original position.

- The axle for hammer must be correctly located in the slot provided for the purpose.

- In the assembled condition it must be possible to push the buffer housing (13) to the rear stop, and for it to return to the front stop under its own power.

3.6.3 Magazine, complete (Exploded diagram 4)

- The magazine must accommodate a total of 9 rounds.

- The movement of the follower (3) must be unrestricted.

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