Autoordnance Models Pkz T C and Wgs Parts List


1. Slide G1

2. Rear Sight G2

3. Extractor G3

4. Firing Pin Spring G4

5. Firing Pin G5

6. Firing Pin Stop Plate G6

7. Magazine Catch Lock G7

8. Magazine Catch Spring G8

9 Magazine Catch G9

10. Slide Stop Plunger G10

11. Plunger Spring G11

12. Safety Catch Plunger G12

13. Grip Safety G13

14. Trigger G14

15. Mainspring Cap G15

16. Mainspring G16

17. Mainspring Housing Pin Retainer G17

18. Mainspring Housing G18

18A. Mainspring Housing with Lanyard Loop G18A

19. Mainspring Cap Pin G19

20. Sear Spring G20

21. Magazine G21

22. Mainspring Housing Pin G22

23A. Grip Left G23

23B. Grip Right G23

24. Grip Screw G24

25. Stock Screw Bushing G25

26. Thumb Safety G26

27. Hammer Pin G27

28. Sear and Disconnector Pin G28

29. Slide Stop G29

31. Recoil Spring Guide G31

32. Recoil Spring G32

33. Plug G33

34. Barrel Bushing G34

36. Barrel Link Pin G36

37. Barrel Link G37

38. Disconnector G38

39. Sear G39

40. Hammer G40

41. Hammer Strut G41

42. Hammer Strut Pin G42

43. Front Sight G43

44. Plunger Tube G44

45. Ejector G45

46. Ejector Pin G46

47. Medallion G47

(Models: T1911, 1911C & 1911WGS)


G10 Pistol Exploded Diagram

EXPLODED VIEW, Models: 1911PKZ, T1911, 1911C and 1911WGS

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