Before Cleaning Be Certain The Handgun And Its Magazine Contain No Cartridges

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At regular intervals, after firing or whenever the handgun has been exposed to sand, dust, extreme humidity, condensation, immersion in water, or other adverse conditions, disassemble, clean and oil it. Proper periodic maintenance is essential to the reliable functioning of any firearm.

To clean the handgun, proceed as follows:

1. Disassemble (field-strip) the handgun to the extent described on page 13.

2. Using a cleaning rod, run a patch wetted with a high quality gun cleaning solution through the bore several times. Then attach a bristle brush wetted with a high quality gun cleaning solution to the rod and run it back and forth the full length of the bore and chamber. Clean bore with dry patches and examine. Bore fouling can contribute to reduced accuracy, and grease accumulation in the chamber can interfere with proper feeding of cartridges from the magazine.

3. Using a high quality cleaning solvent on a clean patch or bristle brush, remove powder residue from all components of the pistol. After cleaning, run a dry patch through the bore, then follow with a patch that is very lightly oiled. Wipe all surfaces clean with cloth, then wipe all surfaces with a patch or cloth that has been very lightly oiled.

4. NOTE: Only a light application of oil is needed to provide adequate lubrication of moving parts and to prevent rust. Excess accumulations of oil tend to attract particles of dust and dirt and may congeal in cold weather which can interfere with the safe and reliable function of the handgun.

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