Magazine Disassembly Maintenance Reassembly Disassembly

Ensure that the Magazine is unloaded. Insert a 1/8" or smaller pin (or length of stiff wire, etc.) through the bottom sight holes in the Magazine Tube (A), between coils of the Magazine Spring (D). This will contain most of the spring tension during disassembly. Using a small punch (or ball-point pen or similar expedient), depress the locking stud of the Magazine Base Lock (B) through the hole in the bottom of the Magazine Base (C) (see photo #6).

Push the Magazine Base forward off the Magazine Tube. The pin previously inserted in the bottom sight holes of the Magazine Tube now contains the Magazine Spring under some compression. Point the bottom of the Magazine Tube in a safe direction, contain the Spring's free end protruding from the bottom with your thumb, and carefully withdraw the pin from the Magazine sight holes.

Neos Magazine DisassemblyKahr Magazine Assembly

CAUTION! THE MAGAZINE SPRING IS UNDER PRESSURE. Be sure to contain the Spring when withdrawing the pin to prevent damage and/or injury. Eye protector should be worn.

Remove the Magazine Spring and Magazine Follower (E) through the bottom of the Magazine Tube.

The Magazine is now completely disassembled (see photo #7). Clean all parts thoroughly with solvent. Wipe all parts lightly with lubricant-moistened cloth before reassembly.

CAUTION! DO NOT OVER LUBRICATE. Lubricant can penetrate the primer of ammunition and render it inoperative causing a failure to fire.

Inspect the Magazine Base and Magazine Base Lock for cracks. Inspect the Magazine Tube for cracks or voids in the seam weld area. Inspect Magazine Follower for chips

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