Ppr example, class XIV denotes that the load is non-explosive, sensitive to fire, and relatively insensible to mechanical blows. Od the base of the cartridge case of ail rounds there ia a stuping* the upper figure of which denotes the amber of the manufacturer and the lower the year of manufacture of the rounds.

There are 660 rounds to each sine-plated case without clips, or 460 in clips« The cases are packed in wooden tunes (two cases per box); in each box there are 1*320 rounds without clips and 920 rounds in clips« The loaded box weighs 29 kg (63.93 lbs.].

Oi the lid of each case there is a stencil indicating the caliber of round» model of round« cartridge case metal* lot number of round, number of manufacturer, and powder type.

The rounds are packed in the linc-plated cases in cardboard containers. There are 20 rounds to each card* board container» There are distinguishing stripes painted on the zinc-plated cases and cardboard containers«

Table of Distinguishing Stripes on Boxes, Cases» and Cardboard


Designation of Round Abbreviated Distinguishing

Designation Stripes on Boxes

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