Chapter Functioning Of Automatic Rifle


The rifle is set on safety♦ An empty magazine (g) (fie. S8) Is in place in the rifle, (In co«bat, a fully loaded magazine will be carried tn the flile.)

The magazine catch (9) holds the magazine in the receiver. If the magazine Is loaded, the top round presses against the bottom of the operating rod.

The operating rod (4) and bolt (2) are held in forward position by the return spring (5)f which also holds the gas piston (6) in the gas cylinder (7). The return spring is in its position of least compression.

The bolt (2) is rotated to the right, with its locking lugs engaging the receiver locking lugs.

The gripping flange of the extractor is pressed against the center of the bolt head by the extractor spring«

The ejector head is located in the wide rear portion of the groove in the bolt.

The full automatic disconnector holds the full automatic sear (10) rotated forward and out of engagement with the auto aiatic Sear notch in the hammer.

Tfaa hamer cock notch is disengaged, and the haver spring (11) presses the hammer (1) against the rear face of the belt.

The firing pin (3) is in forward position, with its tip protruding out of the bolt head.

The selector is in tha extreme top position, obstructing tfca passage of the cocking handle* The selector lever (14) (fig. 59) is rotated forward. This places the selector lever lug directly over the rear end of the disconnector and the right trigger bar, preventing both the disconnector and the trlfger from rotating. Since the trigger cannot rotate, the haner cock notch cannot engage the semiautomatic sear; thus, the hamper prevents the operating rod fro® Moving to the rear

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