Functioning Of Parts During Semiautomatic Fire

To fire a single round from the rifle, set the selector for semiautomatic fire by rotating the indicator as far downward as possible, and press the trigger with the index finger of the right hand.

When the trigger is pressed, the semiautomatic sear and disconnector rotate. The rear end of the sear (i.e., trigger) raises the ends of the trigger and hammer spring. As the trigger rotates, the semiautomatic sear releases the hammer cock notch.

Kalashnikov Trigger Mechanism

:igure 61. Trigger mechanism in position for semiautomatic fire,

A. Trigger released; B. Trigger pressed.

I - hamner; la - disconnector notch; lb -cock notch; lc - full automatic sear notch; 4 - operating rod lug; 10 - full automatic sear; 10a - full automatic sear cock notch; 10b - upper end of full automatic sear;

II - hawmer and trigger spring; 12 - trigger; 14 - selector lever; 15 - disconnector; 16 -full autonatic disconnector.

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