The interior surface of the hand guard should have no cracks, splits or deep dents; it should be held firmly on the gas tube; between faces of the flanges of the band and the hand guard there should be a clearance of not less than 0.1 mm.

The inside surface of the fore end should have no cracks, splits or deep dents; between the fore end and the fore end band flange there should be a clearance of not less than 0.1 mm.

There should be a clearance between the hand guard and fore end.


The walls of the magazine body and the feed mechanism flanges should not be damaged or beat and also should not have any cracks.

The magazine cover plate should attach easily to the magazine body; the stop plate should hold the magazine cover plate firmly.

The magazine catch and magazine stop should not be excessively worn, and should not be dented.


The cleaning rod should be easy to remove and replace from the recess in the fore end. Tne cleaning rod should be straight; the cleaning rod is checked for straightness by raising it to the level of the eyes and rotating it; the thread for the jag should not be damaged.

The screw-driver should not be dented or chipped; the blade should always be inserted so that it corresponds to the notches in the screw.

The front sight key should have no dents or burrs in the notch for the front sight. The punch should be straight; in addition, there should be no burrs on the end of the punch.

The jag should screw onto the thTeated end of the cleaning rod easily and be held firmly«

The shaft of the brush should be straight, clean and even; the bristles should be elastic; the brush should screw easily onto the threaded end of the cleaning rod.

There should be no dents in the accessory case. The holes in the accessory case for the cleaning rod should not be worn«

The accessories should fit easily in the accessory case»

There should be no dents or cracks in the oil can; the oil can caps should have cork washers and should screw tightly onto the can; oil nust not leak through the oil can caps, or through the oil can se4n%. ^ f

The nagazine bag should be clean, arid ^hould have all the buttons, hooks, and hinges«

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