The magazine (fig. 55) contains and feeds the rounds. It consists of a body (1), follower (2), follower spring (3), base plate (4) and base plate retainer (5).

The body serves to connect all the parts of the magazine and for holding thirty rounds.

The upper portion of the body acts as a feeding mechanism, and has flanges for retaining each round before it is fed into the chamber. Between the flanges there is a hole for passing the feeder arm, which pushes out each round from the feed mechanism as the bolt moves forward and sends the round into the chamber.

To the top of the magazine body are welded two side plates (la), stop (lb), and bracket (lc) with catch (Id). The side plates serve to reinforce the upper portion of the magazine body and to position the magazine in the receiver properly.

Catch (lb) holds the forward portion of the magazine to the receiver; when the magazine is attached, the catch enters notch (27) of the receiver (see fig. 10). Section (le) of the magazine body, together with lugs (28) of the receiver (see fig. 10), limit the upward movement of the magazine, and groove (If) serves to pass the lower portion of the receiver cam.

Stock (lb) holds the rear portion of the magazine to the receiver; when the magazine is being attached to the receiver, the magazine catch is engaged by stop (lb), thus preventing the magazine from falling out.

In the lower portion of the magazine body there are flanges for attaching the cover plate. On the rear wall there is a hole through which the last round of a fully loaded magazine can be seen.

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