Purposes And Characteristics Of The Automatic Rifle

The 7.62-mm Kalashnikov automatic rifle (AK) (fig. 1) is a powerful individual automatic weapon designed to destroy enemy personnel at short distances. '

The rifle can be employed for both semiautomatic.and automatic fire* The rifle is designed basically for full automatic fire.

When firing automatic fire in short bursts, the rifle is -capable of destroying collective and individual targets at ranges of up to 500 meters. The rifle can be fired most effectively at ranges of up to 300 meters.

In firing the rifle on semiautomatic fire, best results are obtained at ranges of up to 400 meters. Well-trained riflemen can fire aimed semiautomatic fire at ranges of up to 600 meters. The bullet retains a lethal effect at ranges of up to 1500 meters♦

Deliverable Tate of fire:

--90 to 100 rounds peT minute in short bursts; --up to 40 rounds per minute in semiautomatic fire.

The rifle fires 7.62-nmi rounds M1943.

The principal characteristics of the automatic rifle are listed in table form in Appendix I.


The 7.62«mm Kalashnikov automatic rifle is a gas-operated weapon, in which the gas is channeled through a special port in the stationary barrel and reacts on a piston«

The bore is sealed by rotation of the bolt and engagement of the bolt locking lugs with locking lugs on the receiver.

The rifle is fed from a curved box magatine with a capacity of 30 rounds.

The rear sight is of the curved ramp type, and is designed for fire of up to 800 meters.

The firing mechanism is of the hammer type, and is actuated bv means of a spring. The rifle is equipped with a selector for changing from semiautomatic fire to full automatic and the reverse.

The selector also acts as a safety♦

The rifle is provided with either m wooden or a folding metal stock« Id th* traveling position» in movement od skis, and in parachute jumps» the metal stock is folded beneath the < receiver (fig. 2)- As a rule» the rifle is fired with the stock unfolded; however» if time does not permit the unfolding of the stock, the rifle may be fired with the stock folded«

Figure 1. General view of the Kalashnikov automatic rifle.

a. With wooden stock.

b. With folding metal stock.

Figure 2. Kalashnikov automatic rifle with folding metal stock in folded pos ition.

Figure 2. Kalashnikov automatic rifle with folding metal stock in folded pos ition.

Characteristic Automatic Rifle

Figure 3. Principal parts of the Kalashnikov automatic rifle.

Figure 3. Principal parts of the Kalashnikov automatic rifle.

1 - barrel (1-10); 2 - receiver (assy. 1-1); 3 - sights; 4 - bolt (assy. 3-2); 5 - operating rod (assy. 3-1); 6 - return mechanism (assy. 4); 7 - receiver cover (0-1); 8 - gas tube and hand guard (assy. 1-12); 9 - fore end (assy. 6); 10 - stock (assy. S); 11 -pistol grip (assy. 8); 12 - magazine (assy. 7); 13 - cleaning rod and accessory case; 14 - pistol grip screw (0-19); 15 - stock pin.

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