Si Clbaning And Lubricating Rifles In Preparation For Bxtbndbd Storage

Rifles to be cleaned in preparation for storage must be detail stripped. The usual cleaning procedures are to be observed, with special attention allotted to the removal of carbon deposits, dirt, moisture and rust from the bore, gas cylinder, gas tube, gas piston, and all grooves and holes.

To remove traces of rust and lubrication, it is suggested that the parts of the rifle be taken to an artillery repair shop and washed in kerosene, then dried thoroughly with a clean, dry patch; then lubrication must be applied immediately to protect the metal from moisture.

The dried parts must not be handled in the bare hands, since rust may form from perspiration. They must be handled using a clean patch or paper.

After being cleaned and dried, permission of the person in charge of cleaning must be obtained to lubricate the Tifle.

Rifles which are to be stored for a prolonged nerlod are to be lubricated with a mixture consisting of SOI rifle lubricating oil and 501 gun oil.

The wooden parts of the rifle are dried thoroughly and are not lubricated.

Rifles is storage (both new and used) aTe inspected and cleaned not less than once every two years; the oil in the bores must be changed at least once every two years, and fresh lubrication applied to exposed parts not less than twice a year (spring end fall).

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