Storage Of Rifles In Division And Corps Depots

As ft rule, rifle* which «re in the reserve of the military units of corps level and lower «re stored in division and corps depots.

The depot» must be equipped so as to satisfy the requirements of the "Instructions for Storage sod Care of Artillery-Materiel and Ammunition by Using Troops."

It is not permitted to store rifles in boxes which ere formed into stacks.

In rare cases, when no equipped storage places are available, rifles «ay be stored In boxes, but must be stored separately from the accessory equipment (slings, canvas bags, etc.) since this causes the formation of rust and deterioration of the Accessory items; the permission of the Chief of the Department of Artillery Equipment of Military District (Group) must be obtained in this instance.

At the depot, the rifles are stored in rifle racks, with an individual compartment for each rifle. Before the rifles ate stored in the rack, the magazines are removed, hammer released, safety set, and rear sight slide set on graduation P. The magazines are stored by the automatic rifles or on shelves; the accessories ara stored in cabinets or on shelves.

Each rifle compartment Is numbered. Above each reck there is a record of the automatic rifles indicating the unit to which the rifles are assigned, the rifle serial numbers, and the year of manufacture. In a box near the rifle rack ara kept the data cards of the rifles with the following information entered: condition of the boT«, data of assignment to unit, date and results of accuracy check, and category of rifles.

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