Be absolutely certain that the rifle is unloaded, the safety lever is in the "ON" (safe) position and the magazine has been removed from the rifle before attempting disassembly.

I. Depress the grooved end of the recoil spring guide (the portion which protrudes from the rear of the receiver cover) (Fig. 12).

2. At the same time, grasp the rear portion of the receiver cover and lift it up and rearward off the receiver (Fig. 13).

3. With the receiver cover off. grip the end of the recoil spring guide assembly and push it forward until it clears its slot in the receiver. Be extremely careful as the recoil spring guide is under spring tension. If it slips from your grip it can cause serious injury to yourself or someone nearby. Lift the assembly up slightly and then remove it rearward from the bolt carrier assembly (Fig. 14).

4. Switch the safety lever to the "OFF' (fire) position. Grasp the bolt handle and pull it to the rear of the receiver until the rear section of the bolt carrier matches up with the cut in the receiver. Lift the bolt carrier assembly from the receiver and draw it to the rear and out of the gas tube assembly (Fig. 15).

5. To remove the bolt from the bolt carrier, push the bolt to its rear position in the carrier and rotate it a half turn clockwise (to the right). Pull the bolt forward and out of the bolt carrier ( Fig. 16).

6. The gas tube and upper forearm assembly may be removed by inserting the gas tube latch lever into the thin, horizontal slot of the integral disassembly tool and then pushing the tool clockwise unnl the latch lever is completely vertical (Fig. 17).

Fig. 14

Fig. 17

7. Pull the rear of the forearm up and rearward until the upper forearm assembly is free (Fig. 18).

8. The lower forearm assembly may be removed by rotating the forearm latch lever up with the provided disassembly tool. The lower forearm can then be removed by pulling down and forward until free from the barrel assembly (Fig. 19, 20).

This completes the disassembly of the rifle to the extent that will be required for maintenance and cleaning purposes.


To reassemble the rifle, simply reverse the sequence of the disassembly procedure. To insure trouble-free reassembly, we recommend that you pay close attention to the exact location and position of each part during disassembly.

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