NOTE: Disassembly can be performed with only a cartridge but a few simple tools such as a small punch and small pliers can make things much easier. A Phillips head screw driver is not necessary for general maintenance and none of

Kel Tec Bolt Diagram

the screws on the rifle should ever need to be removed for general maintenance.

Rifle disassembly

Unload your SU-16 rifle and cycle the operating handle to be sure that there is no round in the chamber. Make sure the bolt is in the forward position and the safety is engaged.

CAUTION: some accessories that are mounted to the picatinny rail on the top of the receiver may interfere with the disassembly of the SU-16 rifle. It is advisable to remove any scopes or other devices mounted to the rail before proceeding with disassembly.

Image Dissasemble Rifle

With a cartridge or other pointed object push out and remove the assembly pin. Fold the stock down and forward and press it onto the barrel. Unlatch the bipod. Grip the recoil spring tube, pull it towards the muzzle and twist it % turn so that the locking tab points towards the top of the rifle, it should slide into the receiver about % inch as you release the recoil spring tube. Slowly pull back on the operating handle, the recoil spring tube should also move back and there should not be any spring pressure felt. Pull the handle all the way back and push it down into the operating handle removal cutout in the receiver. The operating handle should

now be able to be pulled straight out of the bolt carrier. After the operating handle is removed the bolt carrier assembly can now be guided out of the bottom of the receiver by holding onto the recoil spring tube.

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